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messenger of spring

I met the “messenger of spring” in the guesthouse garden.


The air temperature becomes warmer , day by day.

I think cherry blossoms around here will be bloomed in this weekend.


Even if you missed cherry watching (Hanami) in Tokyo,

You still have chance to enjoy it around here! Come on!


cherry full blooming


( 5th April)

Cherry blossom around here are blooming just now!

You can get chance of “Hanami” (blossom watching) though if you missed it in Tokyo!

Maybe this weekend is final chance to watch it.

I am waiting for your coming!

rice harvesting season

Around the guesthouse, middle to late September is rice harvesting season.

Now you can see golden field from here.


Nowadays, almost all works for harvesting has changed automatic,


but around here, you can see traditional way to dry grains with sunshine.


I hope you enjoy the pastral autumn view of Japan.



HANAMI! (cherry blooming will come soon)

Cherry blooming will come soon!

I think full blooming around here will come next weekend, 22th and 23th.

The following photos were taken in last April.

Uyama roadside cherries (just near here)DSC00561a

Jikkaseki creek (Azumino city)                     DSC01754-2


Matsumoto castle (Matsumoto city)         DSC01748-2

I hope you will make a booking our guesthouse in next week!

(attention : 17th–20th April are temporary closed days. Sorry for inconvienience.)


day trip to snow monkey park

Start here at 8:35 is my recommendation.

I take you to Akashina station with guesthouse car.


Leaving Akashina at 8:54 ,


arriving Nagano terminal almost 10:00.

Go through the central ticket check, and turn left to east exit.


Go down stairs left side.


Ride the bus stopping at platform no.23 or 24.

(Asking to the bus staff is recommended.)

Leaving Nagano at 10:15.


Arriving “snow monkey park” bus stop at 11:00.

Walking 30 minutes is required from this bus stop.

On the way to the monkey park,

there are many English signs for helping to go.

No need to worry about losing way.





Arriving this gate almost 11:05.


From this gate, the walking way is narrow and slippy.

Sporty shoes are recommended.


Finally, go upstairs and you find the entrance.

(almost 11:30)

500 yen for each person is required.

Some monkeys are welcoming you around the entrance!


And some monkeys are relaxing in the bath!





“How is live camera going on?”


Humans and monkeys are going up on the same slope.


A baby monkey loves his(her?) mother.


“Hold tight!”


After enjoying, go back to the bus stop.

I recommend you to check the departure time of the bus

before you start walking to the park!


I arrived here at 13:00, just departed……..

Of course, I know some happening makes travelling more joyful, right?

“wheat autumn” means early summer

June 10th

DSC00753-1Now, it is the season of wheat harvest. We Japanese say this season “wheat autumn”.

In Azumino area (around here), there are many kind of farms such as rice, wheat, buckwheat, apple, etc. I think it is very interesting to find your original view point.

You can rent a bicycle without charge in our Azumino-Ikeda guesthouse. I think it is very useful to enjoy finding your view points!