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attention for mountain trekking lovers

27th April

Nowadays,  the weather becomes warmer day by day.

It becomes very good for walking or cycling around Azumino.


(They started planting rice)

But, I would like to tell to mountain trekking lovers

that it is still in winter around the top of Japan alps.



These photos were taken in 25th April by Enzanso lodge staffs.

(Enzanso stands at 2700m high, just next to the top of Mt. Tsubakuro)

Until late June, you need to take ice ax, crampons, winter wear, and so on.

Also you need the experience of using them.

I recommend to easygoing trekkers to go to Japan alps mountains

in late July (after rainy “Tsuyu” season), August, or September.

Please be careful for your safety and enjoyable trip!