–notice– infections disease measures of our guesthouse



(the sign of anti COVID promotion facility)

We are expecting your cooporation.


・Wash your hands carefully when you /come from outside/ come back from restroom/ take foods.

・We ventilate public space at least every 1 hour.

・We will make disinfect with alcohol after all guests or we use. We hope you don’t feel bad about it.

・For some days, we take only 1 group for each 1 room. And at the lounge in 1F, take each 1 table for 1 group.

・Use alcohol paper in the bedroom and restroom if necessary. After use, please throw it into dust box, not flush.

・When you sleep, use surely prepared sleeping sheet and pillow cover. And when you check out, don’t pick them off, leave them.

・Take social distancing. When you enjoy talking at the public space, wear a mask. It is good enough to use towel or bandana instead of surgical mask.

・It is OK without mask in public space when you relax quietly with distancing.

If you apparently have a cold, we refuse your coming in even if you made a booking.

we don’t  claim the cancelling fee in this case, so tell us your cancelling as soon as possible.


20th June 2020. Azumino-Ikeda guesthouse  Manager : Nishida Takahiro