New Year greeting 2018


Happy new year!

I hope you will get the rainbow like this in the year.

I am waiting for your visiting at the foot of this rainbow.


January 1st 2018

Azumino-Ikeda guesthouse         manager Taka

(The picture was taken here in last September)

rice harvesting season

Around the guesthouse, middle to late September is rice harvesting season.

Now you can see golden field from here.


Nowadays, almost all works for harvesting has changed automatic,


but around here, you can see traditional way to dry grains with sunshine.


I hope you enjoy the pastral autumn view of Japan.



2nd anniversary

1st July 2017 is the 2nd anniversary of blind-new open.

Thank you for all guests, friends, and neighbors!

Now I am waiting for YOUR visiting in this 3rd season!


manager Taka


trek to Nagamine-yama hill

Nagamine-yama hilltop is one of the highly recommended visit point around here.

It takes half hour to the start trekking point from this guesthouse by free hire bike.


50 minutes trekking to the hilltop. Comfort and bright way,

good for easy-going hikers, not so tough as trekking to Japan alps.


From the top, you can see Japan alps mountains & Azumino plain.






HANAMI! (cherry blooming will come soon)

Cherry blooming will come soon!

I think full blooming around here will come next weekend, 22th and 23th.

The following photos were taken in last April.

Uyama roadside cherries (just near here)DSC00561a

Jikkaseki creek (Azumino city)                     DSC01754-2


Matsumoto castle (Matsumoto city)         DSC01748-2

I hope you will make a booking our guesthouse in next week!

(attention : 17th–20th April are temporary closed days. Sorry for inconvienience.)


notice : staying fee will be changed

I feel sorry, but staying fee will be changed from coming March.

The fee will be changed as following.

The price in ( ) is the difference from the fee now.


*dormitory  2800yen   (+300yen)

*private room (fee on each one person)

1 person—6500yen   (+1000yen)

2 persons—4500yen  (+500yen)

3 persons—3300yen  (+300yen)

4 persons—2800yen  (+300yen)

*winter season extra (Dec.–Feb.)  each one person 200yen (-100yen)


Thank you for your understanding.

Feb. 1st   2017  Azumino-Ikeda guesthouse

the manager : Nishida Takahiro