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Our operation until 6th May

In principle, we close our house until 6th May.

If you would like to stay here in this term, send us e-mail.

We accept your inquiry if you have some special errand.

Please stop sending us your inquiry for sightseeing .

Maximum 2 groups in this term.

And please be sure we refuse your staying if you have apparent cold.

Thank you for your understanding.

Nishida Takahiro : Manager

Summer has come!

30th July


Rainy season “Tsuyu” has finished yesterday, And the summer has come.

It is very nice season to go trekking to Japan alps mountains, and enjoy rural view.

The height around here is about 500m above sea level, so 2-3℃ cooler than sea level area.

We are looking forward to meeting you, here Azumino !

messenger of spring

I met the “messenger of spring” in the guesthouse garden.


The air temperature becomes warmer , day by day.

I think cherry blossoms around here will be bloomed in this weekend.


Even if you missed cherry watching (Hanami) in Tokyo,

You still have chance to enjoy it around here! Come on!


winter season management (2018-2019)


Though Azumino is very cold in winter, you must be impressed with the view of all snow covered mountains.


operating : 21th Dec.—23th Feb.      ( closed on 10th Jan. and every Tuesday from 15th Jan.)

staying fee : each person 200yen up from the fee in spring-autumn (dormitory 3000yen)



Some shops and museums around here are closed in winter.

The temperature keeps minus degree on some days. Cycling is not recommended.

No sightseeing bus is operating around Azumino. I can take you to swan pond and  Wasabi farm.(12th Jan.–22th Feb.)Please read following explanation(event schedule).

The restaurant nearby will be closed from 28th Dec. to 3rd Jan. During these days, we hold dinner party (self cooking together).

Round tripping to Onsen will be stopped from 28th Dec. to 3rd Jan. Please use shower room in the guesthouse on these days.


event schedule of A.I. guesthouse

#28th Dec.—3rd Jan.     dinner party (self cooking together)(booking required)


In these days, the restaurant nearby will be closed. So, I planned to hold the dinner party!This is NOT “dinner service” like rich hotel, but “self cooking together”. Please help each other for serving, dish cleaning etc. Foodstuffs will be ready by manager. The menu 31th is sukiyaki. On other days, the menu will be decided on the day. Checking in until 6p.m. is required. / entry fee : 900yen (1200yen/31th Dec.)

*The guests who will not entry the party can stay on these days, too.


#1st  Jan.     the tour for New year’s praying for shrine


leaving 9a.m.—NIshina shinmeigu shrine (national heritage)—coming back around 11a.m.

no entry fee


#12th Jan.—22th Feb.    swan watching tour

No entry fee is required, and anti-cold wear is required!

start from the guesthouse 6:30—->(drive 5 minutes)—->

swan pond (free watching)—->back to the guesthouse around 7:40


#12th Jan.—22th Feb.  We can make a short stop (30 minutes) at famous Daio wasabi farm, on the way to send you back to the station after your checking out.


*If you want to stay there more, I can send you to just wasabi farm. You need to walk to Hotaka station 40 minutes.

*If some other guests want to go there, please adjust 1 time to go.