Azumino Ikeda guesthouse stands on nice place to view Japan alps, to go Azumino rural cycling, and communicate other guests from all over the world.

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  Activity & Mini tour

Rental bike (free for guests!)
Rental bikeHere, "Azumino area" has many sightseeing points in about 5km x 10km square. It is good size for going around by bike. We think cycling ---slow moving with viewing rural view---is the kind of fun which is differ from driving. Let you try going out with feeling fresh breeze from Japan alps.
*Staying guests can rent a bike without any charge! (5000yen deposit is required)And, get original free map for cycling!
*Please understand you can't rent a bike when all bikes are rented or booked. At that case, or if you want to put off a bike at a station, please consult with a rental bike shop near Hotaka rail station. We can take you to the station by guesthouse car.

Japan alps trekking
Japan alps trekking Our guesthouse is very convenient place to go Japan alps trekking, such as Mt. Tsubakuro, Mt. Johnen, and Mt. Gaki. We can take you to Hotaka rail station by our car at early morning 5:10, the departure time of the bus to Nakabusa onsen (trail head of Mt. Tsubakuro). I have stayed at the mountain hut as a staff. Please ask me about huts in Japan alps and so on.

Clear boat
Clear boat The flow of rivers around here is very gentle and clean, because of much snow melted water pouring into from Japan alps. Let you take a view of river inside with riding "clear boat", which has window at the bottom. It is also pleasant you go on the river like skating.

Mini tour
Around 1 hour tour with free shuttle service. Some tours require payment for additional service.
Advance booking is recommended. If there is vacant, it is OK to make a booking on the day.

<all season> public bath tour (no tour 2024.Apr. - Aug.)
We have only shower room in the house. Join this tour if you are bath lovers.
The tour will be held with the requests of 2 or more guests at 7pm on the day.
departure 7:30pm / coming back 8:40pm
The entree fee (around 500yen : depends on the facility) per person is required.
No tour on some event days.

winery<spring - autumn Saturday> winery tour
The tour to the winery shop, which is brand new open at 2020 on the alps view vineyard.
departure Saturday 4:00pm / coming back 4:40pm
over 20 limited / # "paid tasting"(200yen - ) or "buy bottle"  is obligation.

sunset<spring sunny afternoon limited> Azumino Park sunset tour ( alps sunset)
April 1st - May 31st (except April 28 - May 4)
departure time will be shifted 5:30~6:30pm / coming back almost 1 hour later

swan<winter limited> swan watching tour
January 15th - February 22nd
Over hundred swans are coming from Siberia and staying here Azumino during winter.
Enjoy watching swans and white Japan alps.
departure 6:30am / coming back 7:10am

No action!

You only take beautiful view of mountains from the terrace all day---we think that is also a kind of fun.

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