Azumino Ikeda guesthouse stands on nice place to view Japan alps, to go Azumino rural cycling, and communicate other guests from all over the world.

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  Rates (tax included / no meal)

  dormitory  3000yen(1 person 1 night)     (200yen up in winter)

*"dormitory"---sharing the room with other person/group
*In general, male guests room and female guests room are separated. Single female guest and just female group don't share one room with male guests.
*A "male and female" couple may share 4 beds room with another couple or separated into male room and female room. That is decided by staff considered with booking situation.
*We have no discount price for children. Children under 6 years old are not allowed to stay in a dormitory.

  1 room charter
  • 1 person: 7000yen
  • 2 persons: 4500yen per person (9000yen total) 
  • 3 persons: 3500yen per person (10500yen total) 
  • 4 persons: 3000yen per person (12000yen total)
*200yen up for each person in winter.
*We have no discount price for children.

whole house charter 32000yen (2000yen up in winter)
            The guests over 10 persons must book here as whole house charter.
            ※We staffs are staying in the house. We share the kitchen, washroom etc. with the guests.


A: much vacancy
B: little vacancy
C: almost full or full
X: closed


Please make a booking on a telephone (until 12 a.m. JPN) or on an enquiry form.
telephone number:
0261-85-0221 (domestic)
+81-261-85-0221 (overseas)

Enquiry form
We send back a confirming mail to your enquiry in 24 hours. The booking will be completed at the time of receiving your responding mail for our confirming mail. You can't make a booking by enquiry form from 2 days before the day you want to stay. Please make a phone call at that time.

  Payment & Cancellation

Please make a payment by YEN CASH, at the time of check in.

Cancellation charge:(dormitory under 4 persons)
  • 1 day before : 1000yen per person
  • on the day : 2000yen per person
  • no show : 100% of the rate you booked
The cancellation charge of dormitory 5 or more guests and private room are different. It is required to pay from 14 days before booked day. For more information about it, ask to the staff when you book.
We have only a few beds. If you cancel, please tell us as soon as possible.

  Continuous stay & Long stay

You stay 2-5 nights, 100yen discount from the 2nd night! (continuous stay discount)
You stay 6 or more nights and pay all at the 1st day, 200yen discount per night! (long stay discount)
We support your slow tour.
*This discount is valid for the guests who booked directly.
*It is not valid for the guests who check out and in on same day.
*Sheets changing is one time in 4days,  and the next is every 3 days. If you request extra changing, this discount become invalid.
*If you cancel staying in the term of "long stay discount", we pay back after reckoning again on "continuous stay discount".

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Azumino Ikeda Guesthouse
Azumino Ikeda Guesthouse
782-8 Nakau, Ikeda, Azumino, Nagano 399-8603, JAPAN
Telephone: 0261-85-0221(domestic) / +81-261-85-0221(overseas)