Azumino Ikeda guesthouse stands on nice place to view Japan alps, to go Azumino rural cycling, and communicate other guests from all over the world.

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managers Kon-nichiwa!
Thank you for your visiting our web site.
Because of COVID-19 epidemic, we had kept closed for about 3 month since April 7th. But we re-start our business at July 1st, which is the day of our 5th anniversary. Thank you for much supporting and encouraging from all people around us.
I have worked as a hotel staff for long years before I opened this guesthouse, but I have never experienced such an awful matter until the last year. At first, I felt confused the way to go, but now I believe the best way is keeping the slogan for guests " to come with relief, to go with satisfaction", which I have kept in my mind since I started working at lodging. And of cause, it is also important to have scientific knowledge.
Or first of all, our guesthouse is "of the traveller, by the traveller, for the travellers". You know, "traveller" is the person who go where (s)he doesn't know, and enjoy even happenings on the way with her/his toughness. We would like to enjoy talking with guests someday, about the topics on this year as souvenir stories.
I imagine many people still can't enjoy travelling in this hard shaked world now. We hope to meet you here beautiful Azumino, someday, anytime.
                                                                                                                                              manager Taka & sub manager Sachi
1st July, 2020       


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Azumino Ikeda Guesthouse
Azumino Ikeda Guesthouse
782-8 Nakau, Ikeda, Azumino, Nagano 399-8603, JAPAN
Telephone: 0261-85-0221(domestic) / +81-261-85-0221(overseas)